The Power of YouTube

An amazing little graf came from Showbiz Data tonight:

Wednesday, October 1 2008

More than 3.5 million people watched David Letterman’s response to Sen. John McCain’s snub last week on YouTube, nearly doubling the number of viewers who watched the original show (about 4 million). A nine-minute clip from the show, in which Letterman showed McCain being made up for an interview with Katie Couric at another CBS studio down the street from his own, was uploaded by YouTube member 1970oaktree, identified in some reports as a member of the Letterman staff, even before Letterman’s show, taped earlier in the day, went on the air.

It’s incredible to think that Letterman’s audience can double because of YouTube.  It’s also impressive that one of his staffers knew to/was allowed to post the clip.  They knew that Senator McCain getting caught in a lie to Letterman was newsworthy, and the show could ride it.

Or maybe they just did it for revenge.

OK, both.


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