Craig Ullman has over twenty years experience exploring the nexus   between technology and content. Craig is currently a partner in Grade Results, an online tutoring company serving the K-16 market, with operations in the United States, India and Costa Rica. He is in charge of technology, content development and marketing for the company. In addition, Craig runs Networked Politics, a branding and technology consulting company, assisting for-profits, non-profits and political organizations with their web presence and marketing.

Previously, Craig was Chief Creative Officer of ACTV, Inc., a leading digital media company. He created and led the content and technology development of HyperTV, a convergent media solution for entertainment companies. The clients included many leading television networks, film companies and producers. HyperTV was eventually acquired by Liberty Media.

Craig also created and led the software and content development for eSchool Online, a product for the education market. He worked with many large school districts and educational publishers on this product, until it was eventually acquired by Harcourt.

While at ACTV, Craig was named an inventor on seven foundational internet patents, including two of the first fifty patents on the internet, an interactive television patent, and numerous other patent applications.


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