Life is Toxic

January 13, 2009

A few decades ago, there was a heartwarming belief that a woman being pregnant was a natural state.  We now know that pregnancy is actually a life and death struggle between the mother and the fetus for resources.

In the same way, we like to think that nature  (at least without man’s thumb on the scales) is in a beautiful balance.  However, paleontologist Peter Ward thinks…not so much:

In his  [Ward’s] view, the earth’s history makes clear that, left to run its course, life isn’t naturally nourishing – it’s poisonous. Rather than a supple system of checks and balances, he argues, the natural world is a doomsday device careening from one cataclysm to another.

This has the sad ring of truth — and the best argument I know for the legitimacy of the Bush Presidency.